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Air Cooler
Air Coolers are the electric appliances, used to dispense cool and fresh air into the rooms. These are simple to make use of and allow for simple cleaning and maintenance.
Cooler Motor
Cooler motors are the devices, which are fixed in the coolers. They have the most important function in making cool air and spread it all around. Their functional design and high durability are their main features.
Cooler Pump
Cooler pumps we deal in are the essential features of the coolers. These are totally safe to use in summers and provide sound-less operation. Their modish and robust design add to their simple operation.
Ceiling Fan (IRIS)
Ceiling Fans we deal in are the electrical appliances, which are set on the ceiling, so as to spatter the air all around the space. These have extremely effortless function and boast of exclusive design and good ventilation.
Pedestal Fan (Yogi)
Pedestal Fans (Yogi) are the extremely light as well as portable appliances. Best thing about the fans that these can be moved with ease in home as well as outdoors.
Table Fan
Table Fans we deal in are simple to use appliances, which can be used indoors and balconies to provide air in a particular direction. They have swing features, due to which these can provide air in both directions.
Exhaust Fan
The Exhaust fans offered by us are made to throw out the bad odor and smoke from the kitchens and bathrooms. These remove the excess moisture from the kitchens and bathrooms.
Room Heater
Room Heaters are the appliances, which are used in winters for warming a space. These can give warmth to the spaces, occupied with chilled temperature. All of them are of different designs and functions.
Geysers we deal in are appreciable for their safe function. These are used to make the cold water and hot, so that users can enjoy the hot water bath.
Immersion Rod
Immersion rods are the different types of heaters, used for making the water hot. These can be safely use with ease and functional efficiency. In addition, these are appreciable for their elementary functions.
Electric Iron
The Electric Irons we deal in are used for the safe and time-saving ironing of clothes. These are suited to use on several types of fabrics. Temperature adjustment is given for the suitability of users.
Juicer, Mixer And Grinder
The Juicers, Mixers And Grinders we provide are used in the commercial and household kitchens to make several types of batters, puree, pastes etc. These allow for simple utilization and energy-efficient maintenance.